Geriatric Functional Conditioning


Are your stiff and achy joints interfering with your normal daily activities? Have you had a recent fall, or are you worried about falling more and more? You may benefit from a functional conditioning program tailored to your specific limitations.

At Agility Physical Therapy, in Venice, FL, our physical therapists are up to date on the most advanced methods, including functional conditioning techniques for rehabilitation, prevention, and physical conditioning.

Functional movement is a medical way of saying our ability to do everyday activities. Unfortunately, as we age, the ability to perform our normal functions becomes more and more limited. Our ability to perform functional movements affects our balance, mobility, and overall health and well-being.

At Agility Physical Therapy in Venice, FL, our physical therapists go above and beyond traditional physical therapy strategies to help our patients. Our therapists utilize geriatric functional conditioning programs to help our patients stay physically active to enjoy their lives to the fullest!

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What is Functional Conditioning?

Functional conditioning is a type of exercise/fitness training designed to improve muscle strength so you can perform everyday tasks more efficiently and safely. Functional conditioning exercises mimic everyday movements.

The goal of this type of training is to strengthen and coordinate your muscles to work together when performing daily tasks like:

  • Walking
  • Squatting
  • Bending

  • Kneeling
  • Pushing and pulling
  • Reaching (i.e., overhead, forward, and to the sides)

For example, a squat or lunge is a functional exercise because it works the muscles you use to crouch down or kneel when pulling a weed in the garden or picking something up from the floor.

Functional conditioning programs help to train your muscles to pull open a stubborn dresser drawer or to swivel on your hip so you can safely move around an obstacle in the grocery store and maintain your balance.

Functional conditioning helps improve stability and mobility and is particularly beneficial for older adults. These exercises mimic everyday activities, train several muscle groups simultaneously, and generally require little specialized equipment so you can do them on your own at home.

At Agility Physical Therapy in Venice, FL, our therapists understand the essential role muscles play in your health and well-being. Your muscles help you move, but they help reduce your risk of injury and support your joints to ensure you stay active. The bottom line, a stronger you is a healthier you, and functional conditioning is the way to ensure you achieve this goal!

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