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Say Goodbye To Hip Pain With Physical Therapy!

Do you have trouble falling asleep or getting out of bed in the morning due to hip pain? Are you unable to work or enjoy your favorite activities because of how your hip feels? If you’re looking for proven strategies to help you find relief from hip discomfort, Agility Physical Therapy can help you!

Too often, people try over-the-counter drugs or prescription medication to manage their hip pain. With the assistance of knowledgeable professionals at our Venice, FL’s physical therapy clinic, you can find lasting results. Although there are situations where medication is needed, the majority of times, physical therapy can resolve your pain and restore your function.

Physical therapy assesses the whole person to help find the source of your hip pain without using risky medications or intrusive surgery. To resume a healthy, active lifestyle, call our physical therapy office in Venice, FL and make an appointment right away!

Common causes of hip pain?

Our body parts work together to ensure we’re able to move freely. If any part of the system is not functioning properly, it can affect other body regions. Our hips are no exception. Problems with the feet, knees, or spine can contribute to difficulties in the hip.

Here are some common causes of hip pain or dysfunction:

Some injuries lead to hip pain, including:

  • Acute injuries (i.e., sprains, strains, and fractures)
  • Cartilage tears/labral tears

  • Overuse injuries (tendinitis)
  • Degenerative changes and arthritis

The best way to determine the actual cause of your hip pain is to see our licensed physical therapist for a thorough evaluation. Make an appointment at Agility Physical Therapy today!

True hip pain relief in Venice, FL

Physical therapy can help you find the source of your hip discomfort safely and effectively. Physical therapy gives patients the knowledge and resources they need to deal with their discomfort and find lasting relief.

First, a licensed physical therapist from Agility Physical Therapy in Venice, FL will conduct a thorough history that includes the nature of the pain, weakness, and functional limitations, as well as all relevant health and medical history.

Next, they will examine your hips to identify structural damage or evidence of misalignment. Additionally, your physical therapist will evaluate your gait, posture, balance, and range of motion.

After completing the comprehensive evaluation, we will create a customized treatment plan for you. Often targeted manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilizations and specific exercises and stretches, are given to patients to alleviate joint pain and increase mobility.

Physical therapy will include muscle-strengthening exercises in your treatment plan. In addition, instruction and corrections to your posture help you distribute your weight more evenly to ensure you restore your function fully.

These techniques enhance movement, providing the right environment for injured tissues to repair and alleviate hip pain. You’ll be back to your favorite hobbies in no time, with more mobility, strength, and less discomfort!

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