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Your Health
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Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Clinics In Venice, Florida Sets You Up For Your Great Comeback. #1 Rated Physical Therapy Clinic in Venice FL

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Your health
is our focus

Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Clinics In Venice, Florida Sets You Up For Your Great Comeback. #1 Rated Physical Therapy Clinic in Venice FL

Is Pain Controlling Your Life?

Unlock The Expert Care You Need With Our Venice, FL Physical Therapy Team

Our clinicians at Agility Physical Therapy in Venice, FL are well-qualified to evaluate and treat all outpatient physical therapy needs. Our reputation for excellence grows year after year as satisfied patients recommend Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance to their friends and family members. Whether you’re an amateur, professional, or armchair athlete, our quality care and expertise will help you lead a more independent and fulfilling life and get you back to the top of your game.

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See How We’ve Helped Our Venice, FL Community

We believe it is our responsibility to give our patients and clients the best possible service, to give back to the community which supports us, and to assist those in need. Read our success stories about how our Venice, FL physical therapy clinics are helping people get back to the life they deserve.

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I regained mobility in my shoulder!

I came to Agility Physical Therapy with shoulder pain that made it difficult to do my everyday activities such as cleaning the house, doing yard work, and playing fetch with my dog. With the help of PTA Ashley, I am now pain-free and able to do her normal housework, yard work, and play fetch with my dog without limitation or pain! Thank you!

- Rebecca

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I am traveling again!

I came to Agility Physical Therapy to improve my strength and balance so I can travel more.  With the help of PTA Ashley, I have greater confidence in my strength and balance and have two big trips planned already! Thank you!

- Mary


I am able to walk long distance without pain!

I came to Agility Physical Therapy with limited neck rotation due to neck pain which was affecting his ability to drive. I also felt weak and had no endurance, limiting my walking to only 10 minutes. With the help of PTA Mamyrk, I have improved my range of motion, decreased the pain in my neck, and am back to my prior level of strength and endurance! I am back to walking 30-40min!

- Bill

Improve your functionality with physical therapy treatment!

Working With A PT Can Help Restore Your Ability To Move Freely Again

Our physical therapists and athletic trainers will assess and treat a variety of pain, injuries, and discomfort. They have the knowledge and experience to diagnose, evaluate, and treat any musculoskeletal condition that may arise. We play a critical role in the prevention, treatment, and management of both old and new injuries. Each program is customized to meet your specific requirements. We assess the severity of your injuries using objective measurements and tailor your treatment accordingly.

If you’re ready to improve your functionality today, make an appointment with one of our two locations: Pinebrook or Southbridge.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can help you achieve optimum levels of health and fitness, all while reducing your pain.

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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy helps with edema, restraint, joint mobilization, and mobility improvement.

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Athletic Training

Athletic Training through physical therapy treatments can help you reach your peak performance.

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Golf Rehab

Get back on the green with our Golf Rehab program. We'll target your pain and help your recovery.

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Agility Physical Therapy clinics in Venice, FL are ready to help you feel your best

We Are Here For You Whether You Are Suffering From An Injury, Or Want To Improve Your Health With One Of Our Athletic Trainers. Contact Our Physical Therapy Clinic Today To Get Started On Your Individualized Plan.

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