Southbridge Physical Therapy Venice, FL

Southbridge Physical Therapy Venice, FL

Do you struggle to move freely and carry out your everyday tasks because of discomfort or injury? You should consider Agility Physical Therapy as a treatment option! Our Southbridge physical therapy clinic in Venice, FL is located in Suite 604 at 1525 Tamiami Trail South, near Plaza next to (north of) south bridge (Circus Bridge).

Agility Physical Therapy uses cutting-edge strategies to help you manage your pain and proven treatments to restore your function and get you the best results possible. Our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants at our Southbridge location in Venice, FL are dedicated to using treatments tailored to address the whole person. Our therapy services have a track record of success!

We perform comprehensive assessments that lead to lasting pain relief, restoration of function, enhanced performance, and injury prevention. Our caring staff is happy to assist you in recovering and achieving your health objectives.

Our Southbridge physical therapy clinic in Venice, FL has highly qualified and experienced physical therapists who can treat any pain, injury, or discomfort you have. Because of our patient’s success, Agility Physical Therapy is a popular choice for folks seeking pain relief in Venice, FL and the surrounding areas.

The purpose here at Agility Physical Therapy is to assist you in leading a more independent and fulfilling life and get you back to the top of your game. If pain or injury is holding you back, Agility Physical Therapy can help you enjoy life more.

Are You Ready To Lead A Healthier Life With the Help of Agility Physical Therapy?

Are you looking for a guide to help identify the more effective steps you can take that will help you resolve your aches and pains, restore your function after an injury or surgery, and improve your overall health? Look no further for physical therapy in Venice, FL or the surrounding areas! We’d love to meet with you and collaborate on a treatment plan for pain management, healing, and enhanced health and well-being!

We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals so you can get back to living the life you want to live. Before designing an action plan for your rehabilitation, we will get to the root cause by assessing your symptoms, medical history, and any health constraints you may have to identify all the factors contributing to your condition.

Our physical therapists at Agility Physical Therapy will address your specific needs and goals when creating your treatment plan. With our help, we are convinced that everyone who comes to our physical therapy center will be able to reach their physical goals!

Rest assured that our Agility Physical Therapy crew will guide you back to health and your highest possible functioning at all times. We work hard to provide a pleasant, welcoming environment where you can recuperate quickly.

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Our Venice, FL physical therapy clinic at Southbridge Provides Top-Notch Treatment So You Can Start Feeling Better Today!

Is Your Back Pain Caused by Your Posture? Physical Therapy Can Help You Feel Better

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Are you looking for sciatica relief? Disc herniations often lead to pressure on the nerve resulting in pain and Inflammation of the sciatic nerve causing the condition known as sciatica. Sciatica (aka lumbar radiculopathy)affects the nerves (i.e., L4 - S3) that exit from the lower back and travel down the leg.


Physical Therapy

Is your pain preventing you from doing the things you enjoy? Finding relief is the first step to living our best lives! Physical therapy is a safe and highly effective way to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore our functional abilities.

Venice, FL Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants

Meet The Team!

Our dedicated Southbridge staff at Venice, FL physical therapy clinic will work with you to identify the source of your difficulties and provide effective treatment for any pain, injury, or condition you are dealing with.

The team at Agility Physical Therapy are among the most skilled in the field! Throughout your rehabilitation, we’ll treat you with compassion and encouragement to help you achieve your recovery goals as swiftly as possible.

Every therapist here has a wealth of knowledge and expertise under their belt. We will provide a clear explanation of your condition and clear up any misconceptions about the steps needed to have a successful outcome. We are dedicated to getting to your condition’s root source(s) and focusing on treating the cause, not the symptoms.

We know how important it is for your recovery to understand exactly what is going on and the steps to resolve it. Our team will address your questions and concerns with clear instructions and explanations every step of the way. We will also provide detailed information on avoiding future injuries while simultaneously encouraging you to achieve your goals!

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What You Can Expect With Agility Physical Therapy In Venice, FL

Physical therapy is the most effective and non-invasive treatment option for a wide range of symptoms, injuries, and conditions.

Physical therapy is based on treating the whole person. Our treatments not only address your pain and/or injuries, but we are dedicated to helping improve your overall health and well-being.

In addition, we strive to give you the tools and education to avoid suffering from pain or dealing with another injury in the future. Imagine playing with your grandchildren, walking your dog, or participating in that athletic event pain-free!

Our ultimate goal at Agility Physical Therapy is to help you move better, feel better, and function at your peak ability, making your life easier and more enjoyable. You’ll be able to resume and continue your favorite pastimes and daily routines before you know it!

What Would Your Day Feel Like If You Weren't In Pain?

If you weren’t in pain, you would be able to do the things you want to do, like play with your grandchildren, or take that walk around the park with your dog, or perhaps participate in that athletic event with your co-workers. Stop letting pain control your life. Request an appointment and start your road to recovery!