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Patient Testimonial

  • Thank you for all you do.  You are all so very caring and helpful.  You can’t imagine how much that helps us each year when we return to Florida!  Many thanks for being who you are.

    John & Ruth C.

  • I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful care I received.  My foot & sense of humor will never be the same.  Each of you has a gift you bring to the clients of Agility!  Thank you for your time and kindness!

    Chris H.

  • I can not say thank you enough for all the help you gave me.  I feel your generosity was above and beyond normal.  Thank-you, again for all you did.  I was in good hands and very comfortable.

    Christine C.

  • Thank you so much for all you hard work & patience pounding be back into shape after my knee replacements.  I didn’t dare hope for such a good return to my former activities (at my age) but it’s beginning to seem possible now, thanks to you!

    Anne H. 

  • Our kids enjoy the Children’s Agility Fitness classes, they look forward to it every week! Physical fitness and coordination training, all while having fun, you can’t beat that!!

    Alexis N.

  • Wonderful atmosphere and staff that are willing to help you reach your fitness goals in a non-intimidating environment. The staff at Agility Fitness experience have the tools not only to get you into shape, but rehabilitate you after an injury or surgery. I cannot thank them enough for their support with my entire family. I would recommend them over and over again!

    Angie S.

  • I’ve been to several facilities for physical therapy and the team at Agility is the best I’ve found. Not only do they excel in their technical competence, but everyone there is totally friendly and helpful. Now that I’ve “graduated” from therapy I’ve joined one of their fitness class, and it’s great. The perfect place to get therapy and exercise with outstanding results.

    Wayne P.

  • You guys ROCK!!!!

    Kim B.

  • The team of experts at Agility Fitness are amazing! They not only have the knowledge and tools to help you achieve success, but their positive attitudes keep you going when you want to say “I can’t!” My 28-day challenge was a game changer. It taught me how to look at food differently and how easy it can be to transform your body. I finished the challenge and went right into the start of 4 months of traveling every weekend for work, and the tools I learned during my month at Agility have kept me on track while traveling and having to eat out. I hope that when my travels are over, that I can head back to Agility to keep down this path of health and wellness! I would recommend this to anyone looking to change their life and clean up their food and fitness! Thanks Agility!

    Walter S.

  • This week I attended my first Agility class at the encouragement of a few close friends. I have been familiar with Agility for many years, as all of my children have taken classes from time to time related to their sporting activities (baseball, football, volleyball). My apprehension was quickly diffused by Alicia’s warm welcome to the class, and her consistently calm, professional and reassuring demeanor throughout the first session. I am looking forward to getting stronger and healthier under your care!

    Susan H. 

  • I absolutely love Agility. I am a college volleyball player that comes home during the summer, and the Core-Fit classes I take help me stay in shape before I go back for season. The atmosphere is amazing and the people that work there are so awesome. Alicia and Anne put a ton of effort into the workouts and give you so much energy while you are there. They really care about you as someone who is trying to get more fit but they are also interested in how you are as a person. It’s like being part of a really big family. I have so much fun working out there and love being pushed by them.

    Autumn D.

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