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Alicia Dalton, Fitness Instructor

Alicia serves as Lead Fitness Instructor and is the creator of the Core-Fit classes, Workout of the Day and some of the sports training.  She also assists her husband, Alan, in training the different high school athletic teams.  She is a Certified Nutrition Coach with Balanced Habits and supervises the Take Down Challenge and Take Down Lifestyle; both of which help the participants learn nutrition the proper and balanced way.  Alicia got involved in fitness after the birth of the first, of her seven children and it became a passion.  She brought that passion to Agility and enjoys creating workouts that are non-conventional and incorporate strength and cardio/plyometrics, and now trains others with metabolic-type  workouts 5 days a week.  Nutrition became a part of her lifestyle after the birth of her fifth child and the results she saw made her want to share that knowledge with others.  Alicia believes “You feed to fuel the body that you train!”  Alicia enjoys spending time with her family and (surprise) working out.

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